We sometimes have running gags in our blog posts and twitter updates.  And it’s more fun when readers know what we’re talking about….so we’ll do our best to keep this glossary page up to date so that you’ll know that we’re being funny when we actually are being funny.

Yonking – Penalty assessed when the player in the defensive zone sends the puck over the glass, as made famous displayed frequently by former captain Nolan Yonkman.  SYN: Delay of game.

Mountain Fury – Generic Roundy’s brand Mountain Dew styled drink that we use as a fictitious sponsor for Admiral power-plays.  Mostly used on Twitter.

“Fury The Fury” – In Rockford, fans are asked to help the IceHogs “Do The Dew” when they go on the power-play.  Since we decided that our power-plays were sponsored by Mountain Fury, we ask you to “Fury The Fury” when the Ads have the man-advantage.

Johnson’s Office – The Admirals’ penalty box: named after Aaron Johnson who makes frequent trips there.

Under  there – What we say at the start of the period on twitter.  EX: “The second period is under there”.  The hope is that someone will ask us “Under where?”, and then we’ll be able to laugh at them and say, “ha ha, made you say underwear!”.  Yes, we’re 8 years old sometimes.

CGS –   “Circle gets the square”.  Hoping it will replace FTW in internet circles.

Pudding – Nickname given to Mark Santorelli at the start of the 09-10 season.

The Proof – Nickname given to Mark Santorelli after he scored his 10th goal in the 09-10 season.

Squirrel-Face – Nickname given to Jason Krog of the Chicago Wolves.  Grew a mustache in the playoffs one year, and it wasn’t a good one.  It looked like someone glued a dead squirrel to his face.

Sixgun – Nickname given to James Sixsmith.  He is a legend.  And currently playing in Europe.

Walk Heavy Live Loud – Think YOLO but with more Juuso Puustinen.

Allons-y: It’s timey-wimey French… for “let’s go.”

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